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♡ Faithful Melody ♡

Listen to the melody of your heart, it is faithful.

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♥Faithful Melody♥
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Community for the lovers of Yesung and Siwon from Super Junior.

Kim Jongwoon.
Choi Siwon.
Also known as Yesung, the lead vocal in Super Junior. His amazing voice, his neverending fail attempts to be recognized, and his sincere love for everyone around him are some among tons of things that made him special. Siwon is the epitome of perfection from Super Junior. An adonis who is deliberately faithful to God. Known widely for his gentleman, polite attitude but he's also really fond of skinship.
Faithful Melody.
Yesung and Siwon maybe not as popular as other couples in Super Junior, but we are faithful to their love for each other, whether it is a platonic or romantic one. We can feel the affections between the two through their lingering gazes, soft touches, shy smiles, although Siwon and Yesung sometimes bicker and mock each other. They are so lovely together! If you love Yesung and Siwon together, this community is a perfect place for you. Let's ship and spazz about them together! Membership and posting in this community is not moderated, so feel free to post any of your fanworks relating to YeWon, be it fanfics, fanarts, fanvideos, etc. But remember to always respect other users by putting LJ Cut on your posts, and always give only appropriate comments! Remember, we do not tolerate any form of plagiarism, so always make sure to post your own work or ideas, not other people's! Have fun, YeWonderfuls ^^

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